Cut through and clean off the hardest materials in facility or construction site with effective water blasting. Select Labor Services, Inc., provides quality, trained workers to provide you the support you need for component labor, including water blasting services.

The Effectiveness of Water Blasting

Many companies use water blasting as a means to clean up dirty machinery or parts and cut through tough materials. Water blasting is often part of the cleanup process.

Water blasting uses a precise amount of water pressure, volume, and temperature to achieve the result the company wants.

People who handle water blasting equipment needs to have the necessary skills and strength. That's where you can rely on Select Labor Services, Inc., to help.

The Reliability of Select Labor Services, Inc.

We provide the tools and training to provide industrial and environmental companies the skilled laborers and technicians they need for quality projects.

Nationwide, we find, select, and train qualified candidates to handle your fulfillment needs. Whatever your hiring needs are, we can help.

Our trained workers have worked in anything from steel mills to hydrocarbon fuel plants. They train in everything from general labor to water blasting, manufacturing to environmental cleaning.

All employees receive training such an OSHA 10-hour general industry safety and health class, lead and asbestos awareness, air monitoring, and much more.

In addition, we emphasize diversity in the workplace and are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The Values of Select Labor Services, Inc.

At Select Labor Services, Inc., we train our workers with these core values in mind: excellence, professionalism, integrity, safety, and training.

We want all our workers to be excellent and professional in all they do, as well as honest and safe. That way, you know you can rely on Select Labor Services, Inc., for trustworthy, skilled, and reliable workers.

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Water Blasting Services